Monday, October 3, 2016

Climax by Richard Schemmerer

"Climax or Collateral Damage" collage art by Richard Schemmerer

"Climax or Collateral Damage" collage art by Richard Schemmerer

What does it take to be satisfied. Who are the winners and loser. Nothing is just white or black and nothing has a simple answer not even the most basic questions. Every action has a price on our self but also on others around us. It doesn't matter if we are aware of it or not we have responsibilities to each other.

Life is not spending spree on solemnest else's history or future that leaves a path of waste behind. Life is the game that gives and takes where winners and loser constantly change rules and positions.
We can steal somebody else's identity and mold our self after an idol but at the end of the day we have to figure out who we are at our core and then throw off the false mantel we had borrowed.

It is important to keep lucid eyes by which I mean to not become short sighted and narrow minded. Sometimes it is good to sharpen ones focus to identify ones goal other times it is equally important to see things with rose colored glasses to make the challenges bearable.
Their is no need to misplace ones sense of place and make one dependent on one situation to find happiness. Home is where heart mind and soul find rest and that can be not even in an outside place but inside ones body.

To belong or not can be an important question to ask ones self. Some environment are counter productive to ones growth and it is better to not to want to belong to something that is a cancer on the soul of the world.

It is like taking an acid bath to wash off false beliefs and wrong dogmas from ones psyche so we can once more be renewed by trial and error to step into the light being we are born to evolve to.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

PNCA -- fading by Richard Schemmerer

Memory might be the only thing we can hang onto for sure it's not youth. The opposite of change is not stagnation but the value we give things that existed before we altered them for good. This is the documentation of life not as it unfolds it but as we destroy and rebuild it.

old PNCA building remnant Portland 2015
photography by Richard Schemmerer

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"Alberta Street scene" by Richard Schemmerer

Artist are an essential part to every community and helped shaped what we know today as the Alberta Art District which used to be a ghetto unsafe to walk through and is today a vital hub for creativity and community exchanges.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"No Reservation" by Richard Schemmerer

"No reservation" art by Richard Schemmerer

No reservation required to speak your piece, to step on the soap box of life. I don't need a foodie TV show to tell it like it is. I let art speak and it speaks volumes if you take the time to listen.

Art that is pretty has outlived its purpose in a world that aches from its mistakes.

Redemption is possible no reservations required for that either.

The table is set for the last supper before the next. Everyone is welcome to chip in with their transformative power. Love doesn't need a reservation or an invitation. It is always welcome in the kingdom of art.

The golden years are always ahead according the book of change. Leave the worries to the old and ride the coat tales of the young and hopeful because the party continues in somebodies neck of the woods. Be there and don't be a square.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

TJ Norris at MP5 by Richard Schemmerer

Where are they now: TJ Norris

What happens when you help to build up a sustainable art community in a midsize town? Well you probably move on to make some money somewhere else.

TJ is currently writing for Go Figure News and working on a big photography book project!Here-We-GO-Again/cmfg/560c014d0cf2f0ed7a29352a

TJ Norris at MP5's " Manor of Art" room 222

TJ Norris is a master of aesthetics and an artist living and working in Portland.
His main focus is on photography, sound and sculptural elements
that fuse into a cohesive whole and provide the viewer with a multiple sensory experience.
Visit his most recent installation subtitled
in Room 222

check out this interview with TJ from a few years back

information about the full spectrum of TJ Norris’s amazing body of work is available at his website

Monday, November 26, 2012

Patterns of recognition by Richard Schemmerer

Patterns of recognition by Richard Schemmerer

We see ourselves as above the fray of nature. We try to find commonalty in like but we are all like different patterns maybe from the same source but unique in each expression. Their are stages that seem like a contradiction like when at a certain point our building blocks look like a geometrical pattern with mathematical properties but once we go smaller this equation takes on a new autonomy.

Untilted 01

Untilted 02

Untilted 03

Untilted 04

Untilted 05

Untilted 06

Untilted 07

Untilted 08

Untilted 09

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cooling off with a Mountain Fever, Timberline Lodge , Mount Hood

Cooling off with a Mountain Fever, Timberline Lodge , Mount Hood

Mountain Fever, Timberline Lodge , Mount Hood

Road Tripping

Okay the sun was out in the middle of a gloomy week and the prediction was for more mentally paralyzing fog to sweep in. What better way to break the doldrums and head up above the clouds.
Leaving suburbia behind to see how the outliers are surviving on the edges of civilization is always an experience. The true star is of course nature with its brut power that sticks its fist right into your burning retina.

Trees kept fading in and out of cloud banks that hadn't gotten the notice yet to buzz off. The air seemed to be sweeter as if all the monoxide had given it a bitter note.
after an intense climb along winding pre-sanded road the sky opened up with unprecedented vistas. Snow banks melted furiously cascading down cliffs as if to escape the approaching winter. The lodge was almost deserted a group of snow boarders had just finished a meeting in one of the old halls and played a game of relaxed table tennis. Time had lost the race up here.
This could have been the 1960 ties. Just the $17.50 all you can eat buffet looked very contemporary with its hyped cup cake display and organic vegetable platter.
The mountain looked pristine through the huge picture window as if so embody with a giant broom had swept it clean of people.

photography by Richard Schemmerer